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Ok when you pay attention very slowly and carefully, it looks like Joker is torturing Harley.
Yeah @FreeWill666 it looks different enough that it's unlikely. I'd assume they'd sart with an earlier storyline. And judging from how much time the trailer spent focusing on Harley I feel like they won't end up exploiting the character like that
@shannonl5 oh god I would hate that. Well his face is intact still so maybe that's a sign that they won't do that.
Oh ok that's a relief @FreeWill666 I saw it and immediately started wondering [spoliers for other folks] that they would go down the route of like... "you're not the first Harley Quinn and you won't even be the last"
@shannonl5 that's all I do. I love comics.
Oh wow I don't think I caught that when I watched the trailer. Have you read the comics? I don't want to spoil anything for you if you haven't