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While I think there could be a clever joke about weddings and lemons, my brain just isn't working today. SO...share your best wedding lemon title for this card and I JUST MIGHT change the title!
Every July I make an effort to go to the Lemon Festival, which got me thinking...weddings and lemons would be great together! What do you think? I snagged this photo online as a reference to get my own juices flowing. This would even make for a great idea to do a shower and even the post nuptial brunch, if you choose to have one.
Now, you don't have to go overboard with lemons everywhere. Your wedding isn't a lemon festival. But to keep things simple, you could put lemons, as you see here, in large glass trifle vessels. For some green and white coloring, you could throw in some daisies as you see here, since it is a summer look, or you could add Stephanotis to underscore that this is a wedding event. If you're not familiar with this flower, you can click here for more info.
To use them for your signature cocktail, try out the Meyer Lemon Sour, which you can click here.