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For the first time ever, I decided to get box braids. After 6 weeks of rockin' the poetic justice look, I decided to unravel my hair. After 5 hours of removing my braids, and building up a scary pile of weave on my bedroom floor, I jumped in the shower to take care of my kinks and curls. I deep conditoned my hair and took a comb to my hair... NOPE AIN'T NO COMB GOING THROUGH THIS HAIR! My hair unbelievably knotted and I swear I have dreads. I tried to deep condition my hair again today and I was able to comb through the front...while snipping away the ends. Before I impatiently take a razor to my hair and go bald, please help a sista out! I have natural, thick curly/coily hair (no relaxers). To those of you with natural hair who has had braids/twists...I seriously need your help!
Also, condition when untangling. Its going to be a tough job but you will get through. You spent so long being natural and growing that hair. DONT GIVE UP ON YOUR HAIR!!!
@jordanhamilton @CorlethaTurner @HairConfetti @TerrecaRiley Ahhhh all of you are freaking awesome! I was in a panic. I was able to detangle a lot of the knots with my fingers, while it was deeply conditioned. However, the job is still not done. I still have to get a lot of the smaller knots out and rewash my hair. @YasmineGeorge I definitely need to go and buy some clarifying shampoo. What are some hair products do you reccommend?
Try clarifying shampoo. Once when I was younger my sisters hair was matted and tangled. You need something to truly clean your hair and build up, conditioner is only adding to it. Buy a clarifying shampoo and that should help tremendously.
It is a tough job to tackle. Try to part the hair into 4 sections and just go about it slow. Start at the end of the hair strand and work towards the scalp. Its going to take some time. Next time, before taking down braids, i suggest washing your braids BEFORE taking them down and condition them. Braids are much easier to take down when damp and the hair underneath is much more easier to manage.
I really liked the Pantene brand clarifying shampoo. It really works and it's not crazy expensive. Pantene is a brand that I am pretty loyal to.
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