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First of all, sorry I couldnt put up any pictures of the concert itself, the staff wouldnt let us bring in any of our things into the room. all photos taken by me/my dad LOL
MCountdown is a free concert in Korea. Although, it is first come first serve so of course I went pretty early. It was raining so it made the entire experience a whole lot more difficult. I do not speak enough Korean to get by, but my dad does and likes kpop so I brought him along. When we arrived, there were 2 lines. Not knowing what they meant, we stood in one. After asking around, we found out one line, that we were standing in, was to see got7's pre-recording and the other was to see f(x)'s. i wanted to stay in the got7 line but the fx line started moving in so we just followed them. at the door, a fangroup leader and a girl that we met the day before at an entertainment building stopped us and asked if we were in the fanclub. We said no and they were almost not going to let us enter. My dad snuck in behind them but i was still outside confused as heck and the 2 ladies were blocking me off. Anyway, after my dad explaining that im his daughter, they just let me in. The staff lead us upstairs and we all sat on the floor wet as heck..they finally let us into a little tiny room which was unexpected because i thought mcountdown was in a large auditorium. Anyway, we left out stuff outside and watched fx perform their pre-recording of "milk". they sent us back outside into the rain where we saw about 8 lines for the actual concert. We thought it would be shady af if we stood in a line that was not fx so we just got back into that line..which really doesnt matter because we are all going to see the same thing anyway LOL. Everyone in our line was carrying the fx album so my dad and i were like dafuq..luckily we met a guy who spoke english so he could help us understand everything. He told us that the albims meant that were in the fanclub because they have meeting and stuff. The fanclub leader guy cut about 10 people off including me, my dad, and the guy we met. the English speaking guy told us that we probably weren't going to make it in but it was only 10 people so they should. They luckily let us in..《phew》we sat on the stairs again and then we saw the concert. there was k.will, b2st, got7, fx, mamamoo, hyomin, and others that i cant think of atm.
so yeah, that was my mcountdown experience and if you havent already lost interest, bless your soul.
Where exactly in Korea is it?
@justmeplz1998 in media city, cj entertainment building located about 750m from subway line 6..near the big soccer ball lol