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First of all, I am really honored to be selected as one of the candidates amongst all the outstanding sunbae whom I respected. At the same time, I feel ashamed winning the award this time. Last year, I won the same award; but I feel especially ashamed this year. There were lots of gossips & rumors about this drama ‘The Great Doctor’ even before it started filming. I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude towards the people who helped to complete this drama. In addition, this year’s summer was the toughest, I would like to extend my sincerest thanks to all the staff & actors. Last year when I was on this stage, I said I hope that in my next project, it would be the whole team instead of myself alone rewarding. It cannot be realised this year, I feel sorry and it’s a bit pity. Every actor in The Great Doctor, I miss you. Hope that we could gather together in this new year, forget everything and have a drink. For all the local & overseas fans who always support and love me, you really grant me a lot of positive energy every time when we meet. Whenever I see your gaze, I feel more reponsibility on me. I will be committed to return your love with better projects. Thank you, I love you all. ~ credits:
"The Great Doctor" is the best of You....I watch it again n' again n' again......never feel bored to see You and Kim Hee Sun, you're so romantic....^_^, Congratulation !!!
congrats lee,best luck to you!!
Congrstulation lee min ho!
Congratz.. you deserve it
Felicitaciones Lee Min Ho !!!!, Eres un gran actor y sobre todo excelente persona, lo que demustras en cada presentacion que realizas, por eso tienes tantas fans en el mundo que te aman.....I Love You tooo...!!!!!
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