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Awww BEAST oppas Doojoon and Dongwoon helped to advertise the voting for BTOB's first win with "It's Alright" (괜찮아요) on Music Core, clap clap clap! Congrats to BTOB on winning and here are the translated messages.
TRANS: Our loving little brothers, BTOB, are candidates for #1 on Music Core!!! Please vote for them!!! Thank you!!! I love you!!! #0505 Go go go!!! Aww so cute, advertising for your lovely dongsaengs
BTOB is a candidate for #1 on Music Core Please send "BTOB" to 'sharp 0 5 0 5'
I hope BEAST oppas stay close with their BTOB dongsaengs Best of luck to both groups with BTOB finishing their promotions and BEAST starting them!!! B2ST & B2UTY forever ΔΣ & Σ 영원히