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The sound rings my eardrum, reminding me of where I am and where I am not. I am not home. I am not with my family. And I probably won't be ever again. I shake in despair and hatred. Soft hand grabs my shoulder and, with slight aggression, turns me around. I face him and find myself instantly taken by his stare. There is no hint of sympathy or guilt. Only passion and desire secretly lurks on his finger tips that slightly caresses my shoulder. He takes a step forward and his hand moves up to my cheek. I slap away his hand, but it doesn't even faze him. His smirk tells me any attempt of escape is futile. His thin fingers lay on my face again. A step forward, and I don't have enough strength to push him away. All I can do is stare back at him. I try my best to hide my fear, but one teardrop rolls down my cheek to his hand. His pupils dilate in excitement. Finally, a smile spreads across his face and he opens his mouth. "I got it."
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@JessicaChaney will be up soon *blush*
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