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2015.07.27 OMG I'M SO READY!!! THIS COMEBACK IS GOING TO BE AMAZING ♡ It'll be the first mini album made in their 6th year since debut!! I'm still so excited ^_^
Beast, I really love you guys!! XDD They were one of the first groups that introduced me to K-Pop, and up until now, Yoseob is still one of my top biases. I can tell you now, he's never going to lose his top position, no matter how many new K-Pop biases come into my life. In the end, he'll always still be there with the rest of Beast! ^_^ ♡♡♡♡♡♡
WHO IS AS EXCITED AS I AMMM~~~ What's your favorite song or member from Beast? :D
@kpopchicken Yes!! Lets spread some Beast love into this community! ( ´ ▽ ` )
@StephanieDuong YAYYYY let the Beast fandom gather! XDD
@kpopchicken I'm glad you feel that way!!! I've been a b2uty since forever and I just recently introduced beast to my friend and she fell in love with them. I didn't realize just how charming they were until recently but yea every group has their unique charm and once you fall for that you fall for the individual members and well ... this is where we are ahahah sucked into the never ending hole of kpop
BEAST ITSSELF IS MY ULTIMATE BIAS AHAHHHA I love them so much when I heard about the comeback Kki legitimately squealed and my dad was like .... why would you ever I can't stop smiling AHHH COMEBACK
YESSS. BEAST is making their comeback!!! \( ̄▽ ̄)/
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