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힙합계의 자타 공인 스타 Snoop Dogg은 메이저이지만 꾸준히 믹스테이프를 공개했는데, 이번에 2012년 발표한 Thats My Work 1과 2014년 발표한 Thats My Work 5를 묶어 전세계 뮤직 스토어에 정식으로 배포했다. 최고의 스타인만큼 믹스테이프에서도 유명스타와의 콜라보레이션을 선보이고 있어서 듣는 재미가 쏠쏠하다.
01. House Party
02. Bodyguard Hard
03. These Hoes Ain't Loyal (Remix)
04. Pressure
05. U Neva Know (Feat. French Montana)
06. 6 N Da Mornin
07. Don't Take Nothin
08. In My Lifetime
09. Foreign (Remix)
10. U Don't Know Me Like Dat
11. Niggaz Iz On Me
12. Think I Love You
13. Get A Grip
14. Everybody Gettin High
15. Band Dat
16. I'm On It (Remix)
17. Executive Branch
18. Take A Hike
19. Snoop Dogg
20. All Around The World
21. Gotta Hustle
22. The Hood
23. Funny Hoes
24. Keep A Nigga High
25. Keepit Craccn Like
26. Goin Gorilla
27. Getta Grip
28. We Gonna Do It Again (Feat. Dom Kennedy)
29. Hollywood (Feat. Lil Wayne)
30. We Do (Feat. Big Daddy Kane)
31. Long Gone
32. Listen (Feat. Katt Williams)
33. Purp & Yellow (Feat. Game)
34. I Don't Need No Bitch (Feat. Kobe)
35. In The Cadillac (Feat. Daz, Hustle Boyz)
36. That Good (Feat. Wiz Khalifa)
37. Platinum (Feat. R. Kelly)
38. Wet (Feat. Jim Jones, Shawty Lo)
39. El Lay (Feat. Marty James)
40. In My 64 (Feat. Game, Pharrell Williams)
41. Really Raw (Feat. Tyga, Game, Pharrell Williams)
42. Raised In Da Hood
43. New Years Eve (Feat. Marty James)
44. Respect The Pimpin (Feat. Too Short, Silk-E, Elijah Baker)
45. Get U Right
46. Cant Let It Go
47. Somethings Neva Change
48. Bacc On Da Blocc
49. Crowns In