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When you suppose to be making notes but instead of give in to your addiction. I messed up on Big Bang and shinee.. I usually sleep during my Astronomy class but cuz I drank so much coffee before coming to class I couldn't sleep and ended up doing this draming the names of all my favorite kpop groups. Even though at first I tried to make the biggest letters the more fav they are but then i kinda gave up soooo yeah the addiction is real
All I can do is write down the groups names with hearts around them... lol
@fourstargeneral that's me without coffee, coffee is like a drug for me I get high on it and it gives me more imagination w/o it, names with hearts is pretty much my thing too
@AnnaNaumova Haha I am terrible at drawing... Hearts for everyone! 💛💙💜💚❤💗💕💖 lol
Haha I did that too once 😂😂