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I had no idea that happened to Daesung. That's just really terrible and tragic for everyone involved.
I saw this when it aired, it was very sad and from this tragedy came their inspiration for the song monster. I still cry listening to it 😢
May the angel's dry your tears and carry you throughout this hardship. The pain will always be there, sometimes hidden and less noticeable. Some days are easier then others. Gather yourself around family and friends and know you are truly loved and blessed to have magnificent people who love you and care for you and your well-being. Always talk and don't hide your true feelings and call upon God, a simple hello to God and he will continue to carry you. May God bless you and keep you well.
that was beautiful
Im glad this episode helped clear up some misconceptions about what happened with Daesung but for Gd........ he was criticized a lot... which was understandable. I wish it was only Daesung who had been on the show