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I would marry jhope because I feel like my life would never be boring with him. Also, he is really funny ,adorable,and sweet. He is caring and his smile brings me happiness and I would work so hard everyday just to see. I would love to bring him happiness as much as he bring other because I feel he's lonely and sad. I also think he would make a great father too.
I would marry Lee Donghae. I've always said it and he will forever be my babe. Why? Knowing how much he loves his family and mother, I'd definitely feel loved by him. He seems like the gentleman type and would like to make his girl happy no matter the condition. :)
@KpopGaby, that is so true! He would be such a great husband! Whoever he marries will be happy with him!
@kpopandkimchi, I'm not really familiar with Hakyeon, but I do hear that he is the glue that's keeping the members together! I mean that is a great trait to have!
@SashaLove, don't you think that will be a little bit hard? I mean, if one isn't fully devoted and committed -- they'll have trouble making someone else happy. No?
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