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I feel like the whole Rap Monster situation is so foolish. Yes, he did wrong but does he really deserve to be called trash? These so called "Fans" are threatening him and saying these horrible things about him. He messed up but why make him your enemy and try to bring him down? Didn't you love him yesterday? Since BTS is getting more popular and Rap Monster is a pretty smart guy, I believe that he should've put more thought into his words. He should've thought about how his fans of color would feel. I don't think that he meant to offend anybody but he should be careful. The more popular a Kpop group gets the more hate they receive if they mess up. The amount of hate that Rap Monster is receiving is getting me frustrated. I'm disappointed but you don't have to treat him like dirt. What he said about V and J-Hope is something that a black person would say about their best friend. I guess maybe because he's Asian he's not allowed to say those words. If Rap Monster was Kevin Heart, V was Jay Z and J-Hope was Kanye how would you feel about the situation? It's funny because Rap Monster seems to be pretty dark as well. Please stop being so harsh on the poor guy. I'm pretty sure that he's super exhausted along with the rest of BTS having to tour around the world. He does NOT need anymore weight on his shoulders. If you are offended PLEASE don't make him feel like crap. If you are going to confront him, please do it nicely.
Agreed! It always gets me so frustrated when "fans" lash out at these idols' mistakes like it's the end of the world. They're humans too, sometimes they're going to say or do things without thinking first, it's natural. But then these raging-hormonal-typing-machines come along and make them feel like crap, which is totally unfair because they're probably feeling bad enough as it is :( It's sad to see.
I think people take things way to seriously nowadays. chill the fuck out. and also its ok to state ur opinion but to say a person should die or kill themselves makes u look like a pathetic human being. to me if u don't like something and don't have constructive criticism u should just ignore it and shut the fuck up
everyone's taking it to seriously. They're taking it way out of proportion and if your fans you would understand what he's saying chill out
I think that if j-hope and V were black and he said that it would seem more offensive.. I didn't see anything racist about it.. My family is the same way with me for being whiter than them and I'm not crying like a lil bitch about it