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My taste in music, my style of clothes, my interest in things others refuse to understand. I learn from rejection but rejoyce when accepted and still find the time to embrace everything that makes me beautiful, individual, unique, and wonderful. Don't attempt to grasp the way I think cause in a blink I will blow your mind with the mysteries that unravel in the things I love. I never asked for acceptance it came to me and all I ever did was be myself. I found friendships and loves that will last so don't laugh at the outcast you assume I will be. I'll chill take a thrill and deal with the losers like me. Outcast I may be downcast I am not cause unlike you I laugh a lot. Embrace your weirdness, be who you are and see how far you go. Be an outcast, put normal on blast, and laugh with the freaks, geeks, and chiques that only you can know. Shoutout to the outcast!!!
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I just wanted to thank you guys for liking my stuff and commenting. Thanks for believing in my weirdness!! :3
If you're not weird you're boring, everyone interesting I've ever met has been clasically "weird" and that's pretty much what attracts me to people XD rock with your bad self!!! :D
Seconded @vulpix weird makes the world go 'round!
This is great! Gotta embrace our "weird" because that's whats real :)
I embrace my "weird" self everyday if I wasn't who I am now ,I don't know who I would be but I'm so happy to be different than all the boring people out there . This was great @EllieDean ! I tots love you for this . Let's all be outcast and weird together ( hahaha I get too exited 馃槄) XD