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Not all of us have 30 minutes to spend each morning. When I'm short on time I usually try to keep my beauty routine short by relying on simple tricks to look polished. Below are some of my favorites that I think every girl should know.
Don't have time to quickly shower in the morning? Throw on a head scarf to cover up greasy hair.
Mix foundation and highlighter for a fresh look and dewy skin.
Want to shave less often and have smoother legs for longer? Shave with baby oil instead of shaving cream. Bonus: it also helps your razor last longer.
Here' an insanely awesome trick for lining your eyes and curl your lashes. Put eyeliner on the upper part of the curler and curl your lashes to let the magic happen.
Spritz hairspray on toothbrush and run it on frizzy flyaways. You'll look prim and proper in no time.
Here's another trick to tame morning hair. If you're in a rush, quickly wash your hair in the sink instead of jumping in the shower.
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Nice list! The scarf trick is my to-go on lazy days. ;)
3 years ago·Reply
That baby oil tip is super interesting. I'm going to buy a mini bottle from Target and try it next time I shower!
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I'm digging the eye liner and curl at yhe same time. Pure genius
3 years ago·Reply
Maybe just spray hairspray on your teasing brush instead of your toothbrush ;p
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