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Granted I just learned about this girl group but Dara is already my bias. It's her hair. I have no idea who her hairstylist is but she always end up with the funkiest and edgiest looking hair.

#1 Short and curly

This was during her Etude House days.

#2 Kimbap

During 2009 "Fire" promotion, everyone else had a fringe hairstyle that looked pretty normal, Dara stood out with a rolled up ponytail.

#3 Palm Tree

Here is variation of the Kimbap here. Actually, I can't decide if this looks more like a palm tree or caterpillar. Let's just call it a hybrid.

#4 Dumpling

She was always seen with buns but this one was probably the cutest.

#5 Fringe Braid

A few years back this was the hairstyle that made a bit hit among the kpop aficionados. Hyuna was seen with it and Taeyeon from SNSD also tried it.

#6 Half-Shaved Hair

This was a bold and risky move but she rocked it!

#7 Half-Shaved and Bold Color

As if the half-shaved look wasn't edgy enough. There's even a colored version.

#8 Ultimate Frizzy Puffy Hair

This hairstyle was seen on "It Hurts" music video and her entire image resembles a witch. A super beautiful one. And I am convinced even a bad hair day looks good on her.

#9 Sleek and Blonde

Well, this is a 360 change. It almost looks unrealistic.

#10 Soft Wispy Bangs

Currently, in 2015, she's sporting a younger look with soft bangs. Proof that bangs can make you look 5 years younger!
What do you think? Which one is your favorite?
I like the half shaved. She beautiful with them all though
I love Dara! She is way too cute.
I second @jannatd93 !
It's definitely the alien antenna Kimbap for me xD So cute!
dumplings, short and curly, half shaved :D
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