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OMG these 2 boys certainly have become one of the best model-turned-actors in Korean drama world.. And I am a prouuuud little sister hahaha
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really like them so much
5 years ago·Reply
hahaha i guess we all here are gonna fall for them even deeper lol
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btw @neaa @syairah12 @nraishaka if u guys have to choose only 1, which is your preference lolol
5 years ago·Reply,that`s a tough question..gonna think first..emm..I prefer Lee Jong Seok…keke..he`s too cute and nice guy..well Kim Woo Bin also has his own charms but I like Jong Seok more,,keke..what about you??
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@belongs2mon its really hard to choose kekekke~~ it will be good if they are really best friend in reality life hihihi both of them are really charismatic and amazing hihihi ^^
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