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I don't know how many of you know the Korean actress called 전도연, but we cannot talk about Korean movie industry without talking about her. She's one of the greatest actresses and won many awards aboard including Cannes. This movie called '무뢰한' is one of her recent movies and I wanted to introduce this to you all. Let me capture the info about 무뢰한 from Wikipedia. ( You can also read the plot there. " The Shameless (Hangul: 무뢰한; RR: Muroehan; lit. "A Bastard" or "A Rouge") is a 2015 South Korean film starring Kim Nam-gil and Jeon Do-yeon. It is written and directed by Oh Seung-uk, who described it as a "hardboiled romantic noir thriller. The Shameless made its world premiere in the Un Certain Regard section of the 2015 Cannes Film Festival"
Enough about the movie! Let's study today's vocabulary.
'오늘도 술 한잔 할래요?'
"How about having a drink today as well?" "Shall we have a drink today as well?"
오늘: today
~도: this comes after a noun, meaning "as well", "too"
술: alcohol
한 잔: a drink. '잔' itself means 'a glass' and in this context, it means 술 잔 (a glass for drinks)
'술 한잔 할래요?' - this is very frequently used expression in Korea.
Among friends, you may say '오늘 술 한잔 어때?" (What about a drink today?) more casually.
"verb + 할래요?" - this is to suggest the other person (people) doing something together.
1) 영화보러 갈래요? Shall we go for a movie?
2) 점심 먹으러 갈래요? Shall we go for lunch?
3) 한강에 조깅하러 갈래요? Shall we go for jogging along the Han River?
For more vocab with explanation from a Korean native speaker, please check out
@XergaB20 Don't make fun of me that's literally how I learn things
I remember 의 because that's the one that sounds like that part in Bruno Mars' Locked Out Of Heaven when he grunts at the end of the verses like EUUHH
@danidee Oh ok! Thank you. :-D I was confused at the sudden change but I get it now. I think grammar is going to be the hardest part about learning korean. I've got the consonants and the vowels down. (Except for the difference in pronunciation of 의 and 외.)
@XergaB20 할래요? is conjugated from 하다 (to do) and means "Shall we do this?" and 갈래요? is conjugated from 가다 (to go) and means "Shall we go?" :)
That's cool :)
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