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Are Rain and Kim Tae Hee dating? +++++ A rumor of singer and soldier Rain’s romance with actress Kim Tae Hee came out on New Year’s Day. On January 1, a news source reported that Rain and Kim have been dating for three months. According to reports, they started making contact with each other often after Rain joined the entertainment unit in March last year and started dating in September. Because Rain is currently a soldier, who will be discharged from military service in July this year, such a rumor can be a sensitive one to him. It’s because it means Rain has dated Kim while he was hosting a radio show in the army. The news source reported that Rain had a date with Kim after hosting the radio show, which airs live every Sunday. Regarding the rumor, a spokesperson for Kim is currently not saying anything. Rain doesn’t have an agency now. A friend of Rain says, “I’ve never heard that Rain is dating someone now.” Kim will start shooting SBS TV’s new drama series Jang Ok-jeong Lives in Love in March as a lead actress, and Rain will be discharged from military service on July 10 this year. (repost from best of korea)
@cheerfulcallie u have right!!!! I really dont see them like couple !!!
@cheerfulcallie haha Callie how that happ .. to u sis ... watch me i will catch Kim ( i really hate her ) she is fake and could & u give her some brownie bomb !!! hahaha okey ???
they said that they met in a cf that they both starred in..
okay, maybe its just me but they seem sooo polar opposites, i cant help but think 'how in the world, this happened'? either way if its true, im happy for them.....
rains vacation from the military is always spent with kim tae hee.. si i guess it's true that they are dating...read this... http://www.vingle.net/posts/94270-hyun-bin-over-rain
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