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You tell yourself you're not going to click on the link.

It's tempting you, but you'll resist. Because you're strong. You even try to convince yourself that it's a rickroll. But it's there, haunting you. You see it everywhere. Your friend make vague tweets about how they've been sucker-punched in the feels AGAIN and you know you'll have to peek eventually. Just for a second.
You are lying to yourself.

Steve Rogers is disappointed by your lack of self-control.

A few hours ago instagram user ibrahimtorun_ posted the second end-credits scene from Ant-Man, which will be released this Friday (a few lucky pre-screening audiences have already seen it). We all know Marvel hates it when we do stuff like this. They have a planned release schedule and they keep a tight lid on spoilers. But we do it anyway.
The question is, do you look?

Of course you do!

You can't be held responsible for your actions. Your punishment is the grainy footage and the French dubbing. But you don't care. You've confirmed the rumors for yourself. You've seen all you needed to see. You have been sucker punched directly in the feels, and can now commiserate with all your friends. You know those uncredited roles listed on imdb were real.