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In response too Tess' card about the 5 things you don't need in college, I decided to give you a few pointers about what you do need to bring to make your freshmen year a complete success!
1. A Shower Caddy/ Flip Flops
More then likely you will not have a shower for just you and your roommates. This means that you have to drag your hair products, body wash, luffa, razors, shaving cream, hair brush, and lotion with you to the bathroom every time you need a shower. Having it all organized in a cute little caddy makes life SO MUCH EAISER.
And the flip flops are necessary because its public showers (even if they are attached to your room) and you do not want to step in anyone else's moist shower leftovers ekkkkk.
2. Something special from home
This is your first time away from home for months at a time. You may have a roommate but you are living on your own for the first time (HELLLL YEAH). No matter how pumped you are to get away, bring something special from home. It can be anything from a paper weight to the stuffed animal you sleep with every night. Having a little something from home will make the transition easier and help curb homesickness.
3. Actual snow boots
This doesnt really matter for those of you awesome folks in Arizona state but for those of us lucky enough to attend school where the winter becomes the actual arctic (Oswego State what up), get some real boots. Uggs and flats will not cut it. Your feet will freeze and watching you slip and slide to class is everyones favorite pass time.
4. A Blazer
No matter what your major is at some point you will be making an oral presentation in front of the class. You can not wear sweats and the kid down the halls t-shirt. A blazer is the perfect piece of clothing because it dresses up (almost) anything! This way you can look professional while still in jeans.
5. Condoms
Because you should not trust anyone with your sexual safety except yourself. You are living on your own now, time to grow up and make adult decisions.
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Me: Mum, can I live by myself in university? (x100000) Mum: N. O. Spells. No. (x100000) ;-;