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Like people don't say corn-hole...or even know what it is? Ok...Ok...
Though I am not a native Midwesterner, I grew up in small town near Cleveland, Ohio.
There are lotts of things that only midwesterners know to be true, here are some of them!

1. Soda is not a thing. Pop is where it's at.

I always got made fun of for saying soda. Apparently, the term for the fizzy soft drinks we know and love are referred to differently all across the country.
As you can see, the Midwest is largely blue, whereas the West Coast (where I was born) is yellow...see my confusion?

2. The whole Michigan V. Ohio State thing is altering, depending on which one you root for.

I lived in Michigan right before I moved to Ohio, so obviously I was a Michigan fan. I learned the hard way that in Ohio...that wasn't going to fly.
Kids get into fights and arguments at school because of the OSU , Michigan feud. So if you move to the Midwest, be forewarned.

3. Corn Hole: It's a thing.

If you've never heard of this before, you're probably not from the Midwest.
Any graduation party, family get-together or outdoor function is equipped with this game. It's sort of like the soda thing, except in other places...this game doesn't even exist.
People tend to make the boards themselves, it's a DIY thing.
It's known as Tailgate, Baggle, Dog House, Bean Bag Toss, or just Bags. People don't play this game all over, so Midwesterners largely call it their own.

4. When the rest of the country is in a state of emergency, you have to go to school.

Snow days never happen. It doesn't matter if there's golf cart size hail, you're getting up, putting on 10 layers of clothing, and you're going to school damn it. No pit-stops, no bathroom breaks...straight to school.

5. Also, people put ranch on everything.

"Can I have a side of ranch?" is like the second most frequent thing people say in the Midwest. It's a dressing, it's a sauce and it's a dish...for some.

The Midwest is a magical...unique place with lots of things that make it special...ranch being one of them.

once they said don't go to school wearing blue and gold in your clothes if you do your in trouble...what the heck
My whole family lives in the NY-area, and my WHOLE family went to school in the Midwest, at all different schools. I love it and could definitely see myself going back after school.
@jeff4122 I want to get that sentence tattooed on myself. :')
@danidee cornhole was and always will be funny to me. @alywoah yeah it's a funny place lol
I'm not a Midwesterner, but I a lot of my friends are from there. I am sure they'll appreciate this card. Sharing! Love it!
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