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I just got into BTS a little less than a month ago and J-Hope is already ruining my bias list. Now there's only one thing left to do as K-pop fangirl. Share this awesome J-Hope fanart so he can ruin your bias list as well (Just kidding...but it might happen. You've been warned)!
"I had already wasted my heart even before it started to burn. My one-way proposes are waste of time." (Danger)
"It’s definitely my heart, my feelings but why don’t they listen to me. I’m just talking to myself again, talking to myself again." (I Need U)
"Your hold, your warmth, your heart. I want to see it again." (Hold Me Tight)
"Whenever I turn sulky you ask me “Are you mad at me?” Have you ever really done something for me?" (Danger)
"We live sickly in our studios, our youths may rot away. But thanks to that, we’re running to success." (Dope)
"I’m going crazy and without you. I’m tired from the thoughts of you." (Hold Me Tight)
"Because the dawn right before the sun rises is the darkestEven in the far future, never forget the you of right now." (Tomorrow)
"Why do I care so much about you? You’re making a big boy act like a little kid." (Boy In Luv)
"You can’t do this to me, all of the things you said are like a mask. It hides the truth and rips me apart. It pierces me, I’m going crazy, I hate this." (I Need U)
Don’t ever give up, you know you not lonely. Our dawn is prettier than the day, so can I get a little bit of hope? (Dope)
Look forward to more of this at K-pop fanart! ^_^
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I'm probably gonna sound weird for asking this but, what does 'bias ruiner' mean?
@KDramaKPop1015 A 'bias' basically means that's your favorite member of a group. So a 'bias ruiner' is someone that literally ruins the list you already have of your favorite idols. Hopefully that makes sense. haha. :)
I love URI hope angel @poojas and these fanart are totally awesome 😘😘😘😘
@StephanieDuong Thanks. It's still a new concept for me, so it's gonna take some time to adjust to this new word phrasing.