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Even if you weren't at SDCC, Warner Bros. is keeping everyone in the loop by releasing their trailers online after the premiere at the convention. Which means we're finally getting a first look at Vixen, who will be joining Arrow and The Flash in an animated series based in the same universe. The first episode airs on August 25th, so you've got a little over a month to get ready!
You can see the trailer below.

She looks pretty kick-ass.

In the comics, Vixen was originally intended to be the first black female character with her own series. The timing couldn't have been worse. Following poor sales and increased printing costs, the company imploded in 1978, which meant a bunch of series were cancelled. Since then, the character has appeared with the Justice League and the Suicide Squad.

While it's awesome that Vixen is finally getting her due, will she make a live-action appearance?

The characters in the animated web series are being voiced by the same actors playing them in the live action version. That seems to imply that if the series does well, Vixen will also make a live action appearance. According to executive producer Marc Guggenheim:
"We always say "never say never," and if the character resonates with people, that would be wonderful. I would love to be in a position where CW said to us, "Hey, we want a 'Vixen' live-action show." That'd be wonderful. We'll have to sort of see how things play out. But our goal really is to produce the highest-quality animated series. We want people to come to this who don't normally watch an animated show. We really want fans of "The Flash" and fans of "Arrow" to go to CW Seed. We really tried to approach it the same way we approach a pilot."

Marvel has done similar experiments with Miles Morales.

The African-American Hispanic Spider-Man made an appearance in the web series Ultimate Spider-Man and was well-received. But web-based series are pretty low-risk, and they generally don't reach wider audiences (just the people that are looking for them). So while I'm thrilled that a woman of color is going to be a featured superhero, I wish DC had taken that extra step further. Arrow and The Flash are doing extremely well right now, would it really have been such a risk to include her? Or even better, give her a show of her own?