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Let me tell you about my little happy memory. I go to school in Times Square and it's really close to the best buy theatre. When I found out that Epik High was going to be there, I dragged my friend towards the venue so that we can see what's going on. While we were walking through the Minskoff, my friend had to use the restroom so we decided to walk to the closest one which was inside this hotel. While we were waiting for all of the cars to pass by so that we can cross the street, we began to have this conversation. She told me that this guy in my math class met the Korean rapper, Keith Ape, and that she found it unfair that mean people always get the good things. I laughed at that and began to explain to her that he wasn't such a bad guy. I continued to give her reasons as to why he wasn't bad but I stopped after seeing her facial expression change. She was looking at something behind me so I turned around only to make eye contact with Tablo. We were in so much shock that all we did was just stare at them. When I finally snapped out of it, I pulled out my phone and tried to take a picture but it said "Out of storage" so I lost that opportunity. After fangirling a bit, we headed to the hotel so that my friend could take care of her problems. Afterwards, we headed back to the best buy theatre where we saw a guy standing by the door and the atmosphere felt like somebody important was going to show up. Right when I thought of that, Masta Wu came walking down with a whole bunch of other people. I pulled out my phone and tried to take a picture (After making more storage) but my screen froze and I ended up taking a pic of the staff members behind him. Before I could take another pic, he was already inside of the venue. So that was my story.This makes me love my school even though I hate it with a passion. The location is nice ^_^.