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A great man once said, "Similar people make similar music."

If you know who Mac Demarco is (briefings here and here), and you take one look at Connan Mockasin, you don't need much of an imagination see that they probably get into the same kind of thing.
Also, I lied about that first part. I don't think any great man has ever said that, because it is no truism. But this time it's true! I promise. Connan Mockasin makes music just like Mac Demarco does.
Mockasin comes from New Zealand. He's actually been around for a while now, touring originally as Connan and the Mockasins and later changing to the current name. He toured with Radiohead in 2013, and released an album called Caramel on a major record label, Mexican Summer, in the same year.
That's about all I know about him, and I don't honestly feel like I need more info. The music is enough. Above, check out "I'm the Man, That Will Find You," and it'll take no time for you to see what I mean about that Mac comparison.
Here's a great studio session he did with his band last year, and again the comparisons are pretty direct. It's a sleepy, ironically depressive guitar and vocal structure that Connan has in common with Mac. Neither of them seem to be particularly sad guys (OK, based on style and interviews alone, they both seem definitively crazy and happy, which is good), yet a lot of their music feels really.... sad. But not too sad.

It's, like, too weird to be sad.

Yesterday I checked out some Uruguayan music and today it's coming at us from an equally tiny nation on the other side of the world. International music is fun, and Connan Mockasin is fun. I'm going to continue this roll.
Omg, I love this. His voice is so perfectly strange, and the songs themselves are a bit psychedelic.
Yeah, I'm really into it. Good cloudy day music.
@galinda @danidee check it out!