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Do your texts look like little digital pieces of art? Do you and your friends not even use words anymore??
This means you might be an emoji addict. Help is on the way...I guess.

1. Do your text messages resemble famous paintings?

2. Have you and your friends abandoned words all together?

3. Are your messages getting more and more elaborate by the day?

4. Are emojis bleeding into other parts of your life?

Like your clothing?

5. Or your home decor?

6. Or your food?

Emoji cookies!

7. Do you see emoji's when you close your eyes?

8. Do you dream of them?

If you have 4 or more of these issues...well, you may be addicted to emojis. Start weaning yourself off by using actual words in your texts. Conveying emotion with good sentence structure, and taking a break from the digital world.
Emojis are great, but if you're seeing them when you close your's time to lay off.
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Recent it bad that I totally want an emoji cookie?