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Zero - Megaman X Series

Just look at those flowing, luxurious locks. This reploid has got it all, AND a bag of chips. Zero may have a troubled past and a violent future, but that doesn't mean he shirks his aesthetic. He probably has the easiest time managing his hair, too, considering it's probably made out of thin fiber-optic cables or something similar.

Bayonetta - Bayonetta 1 & 2

Bayonetta is a bonafide badass, with her quadruple-weld pistols and insane amount of magical hair. Not only does she pirouete around the arena on heels that are guns, but she also unleashes devastating attacks using her own hair. Hair, I might add, that is also used to comprise her entire outfit. Damn, girl! Work that up-do!

Crimson Viper - Street Fighter 4

While kicking ass up and down the streets in Street Fighter 4, C. Viper is a sight to behold. Dressed in an impeccably tailored suit and making mashed potatoes out of people with her fists and her kicks, she strikes an imposing figure as an opponent. Part of that striking figure comes as a result of her hair- a long, perfect braid going the length of her whole body. It's functional and stylish. Big ups.

Catherine - Catherine

The sultry seductress herself, Catherine has haunted players around the world for a couple of years now, ever since the game that is her namesake dropped in 2011. While many fans were enraptured by Catherine's lacivious nature, many others were drawn to her hairsyle. Those corkscrew pigtails seem to defy gravity and logic, but they are just so damn cute.

Kratos - God of War series

Because hey, sometimes the clean look is the best look.
@cindystran I thought about including some final fantasy people, but there are so many cool/ridiculous ones that I didn't want to choose one over another. Maybe you could make a list of the best hairstyles in final fantasy!
@VinMcCarthy Maybe! But my description wouldn't be awesome like yours!
Amazing list! How about Final Fantasy?! I always thought the characters have the best haircuts and hairstyles.