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Jimmy Fallon's genius late night segment became so popular that it was made into it's own show, Lip Sync Battle. Now instead of waiting for Jimmy Fallon to have his guests perform, you can tune into the Spike show and see all your favorite celebs lip sync famous songs.
The series has a couple added bonuses that Jimmy's segment lacked. First, LL Cool J hosts and Chrissy Teigan (a beautiful, hilarious goddess) is a guest commentator. Second, the stars will often dress up in ridiculous costumes to perform (see above for John Krasinski in a sparkly dress).
I always thought it was Jimmy Fallon's adorable personality that got people to agree to do a lip sync battle, but this show has had no trouble finding celebs who are willing to fake belt it out on TV. It just goes to show how awesome lots of celebrities really are.
Lots of people hate on Anne Hathaway but her Wrecking Ball is my favorite lip sync battle song of all time. She just goes for it.
Now I'm just waiting to see Jimmy Fallon come on the show, preferably battling with Justin Timberlake because they're the cutest best friends.

Who do you want to see lip sync battle??

@shannonl5 I know right, she totally owns Wrecking Ball!
Anne Hathaway is by far my favorite. I'm still amazed she managed to leap onto that non-stationary wrecking ball in a blackout. And her face is perfect.
It's so good. It's nice to see LL Cool J found a nice job too, lol.
hahaha @danidee no way!! Allison Brie is awesome, none of these celebs have any shame, it's amazing.
ALLISON BRIE IS WIFEY MATERIAL IN THAT VIDEO. Omg, my friends and I used to rap 'Shoop' together when I was in middle school... which is totally not the right demographic for that song, but NO SHAME.
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