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Messaging with @marichelAlvarez reminded me how much I miss this character. I decided her costume would make a great addition to my Closet Cosplay collection.
Closet cosplays are a great idea if you're looking for something simple and inexpensive, since you build the costume from items that you or your friends already have. Especially for cosplay beginners, a closet cosplay is a fun way to start getting into the hobby. Here's how I'd build an Allison Argent costume:

Season 1

This will probably be the easiest look to replicate. Allison's style was very consistent and simple. Reach for a pair of plain skinny jeans, a simple shirt, leather jacket, and boots. If you're looking at prints, go with something floral.
In season 1, Allison wasn't aware of her heritage as a werewolf hunter. She felt very naive and vulnerable, and her makeup choices reflected that. A light pink gloss and subtle golden brown eyeshadow with mascara and a light pink blush is all you'll need.

Season 2

In season 2, Allison went through a couple of different looks. She was struggling with her identity, and her loyalties were very divided. Because of this, her outfits were both experimental and more severe.
She also added a few more feminine accents. Tights, coordinated with a dress or skirt will work. Pick solid colors that are accented with lace instead of a print. If you'd like to experiment with her later outfits (when she's acting as a hunter) you'll want black or dark purple athletic gear.
For makeup, pick a bright shade of lipstick if you're inspired by her early to mid-season style. Keep your hair down and curled. If you're imitating her hunter look, your makeup should be very basic, and your hair should be up.

Watch this video for more styling tips!

Season 3

In season 3 Allison was more mature and confident. She had formed her own identity, and had the freedom to make her own decisions. Her style was inspired by a classical look, with a modern twist. Much like her new family motto: nous protégeons ceux qui ne peuvent pas se proteger eux-memes.
A modern dress with a classic silhouette is one easy option. If you don't have one, a lacy white dress underneath a military jacket or black blazer will work as well.
For makeup, pick a classic red or pink shade.
Allison will definitely be missed. I know I'll be rewatching the earlier seasons, celebrating her victories and mourning her losses. Cosplaying her is a great way to remember what you love about the character and enjoy the ongoing season!
Season 5 of Teen Wolf continues Monday nights on MTV at 10! Will you be watching with me?
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It's pretty cool that you can see even the chracter's development in their outfit changes...idt i've ever looked at that before