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Ladies and gentleman, it has come to our attention that there is a beautiful dwarf planet in our solar system, and NASA couldn’t keep it a secret. They release an image of Pluto on Instagram today, showcase her in all her beauty. This was just a premier shot of the planet taken by the New Horizons space probe as it sped past Pluto going 30,000 miles per hour.
Today, New Horizons is also taking even more images of Pluto that will help us have an even more detailed picture of the surface.
NPR (source of all good things ever) created a minute video that sums up what the New Horizons mission is up to. Launched in 2006, this space probe has been pretty darn busy tracking and taking hundreds of images of space.
So pretty much Pluto is getting a full glamor shoot, right? This will help NASA understand this baby planet a lot more, and of course lead to a better understanding of the solar system.
For those that love Pluto, this is a shot at seeing her up close and personal. (@hikaymm also wrote about the lovable planet). Hopefully she’ll make the cover of Vogue...right?
The mission also carries the ashes of the Clyde W. Tombaugh who discovered the planet Pluto, in a tribute to the American astronomer. In the theme of tributes, NPR did a tribute to the rad mission.
It’s seems that Pluto is finally getting the attention she deserves.
“Talk space to me.” #relationshipgoals?
@nicolejb Hahahaha #goals indeed
@hikaymm Space talk does the same thing to me. It's such a vast unknown and yet we're knowing more and more about it. Can't wait until we find our first alien. ;)
I am in love with Pluto even more after seeing all these images!! Space talk freaks me out (BECAUSE SPACE IS HUGE) but also makes me so excited~