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It's everyones dream to live without looking back, to live carefree, to live exactly how they want with regretting anything. Living a life of no regrets is a lot easier then you think, so much so that you might be doing it right now.
So here's how you know if you are living a life regret free.
You rock solo trips
And I don't mean crazy stuff like back packing Europe! I mean you go check out the sunrise on the beach by yourself when all your friends bail because their to tired. You hike even when everyone else is busy. You go see a movie no one else wants to because you have been dying to see it. Doing what you want even when no one else wants to is a sure sign that you will not miss out on anything.
You push yourself
You sign up for the tough mudder, set goals for workouts, and passion projects that are difficult to achieve. And then you fight your way to the end goal. It doesn't matter if you win or lose, complete the goal or need to get another dead line, the point is you push yourself to your limits.
You never let the word "I can't" stop you from anything.
The idea "whats the worst that can happen" is your own personal lifestyle.
Fear just motivates you take the leap. So what if skydiving, the ferris wheel, or dirt bikes make you nervous. The worst that can happen is you don't like it or something doesn't go your way, it is so not the end of the world and definitely not the reason to avoid trying.
You'll try everything at least once.
You don't hold on to grudges
You don't see a point. People make mistakes, they mess up, there is no need to ruin your day, week, month because someone hurt you. You forgive and get past it. Keeping all that negative energy just isn't good for you.
You aren't afraid to fall in love
Falling in love is scary, but the fear of rejection does not stop you from embracing the unknown and going for it! Even if things don't work out, you know you are better off for loving them at one point and it is that attitude that makes you all the more attractive.