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Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.

You've got a new boo in your life and all seems to be going well, so you figured it was time to introduce him to your parents. The first thought to cross your mind is you hope they love him as much as you do. You have no doubt in your mind that your mom won't immediately fall in love with your handsome lover, but your dad on the other hand -- thoughts immediately come rushing back about how he ran your four previous potentials away.
You're hitting the thirty year old mark and your dad still treats you like you're fifteen when it comes to the men in your life. You don't want to scare your boyfriend, so you don't mention what happened to Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky or Mike. To ensure you make the best impression possible -- click here for ideas on what to wear when meeting the parents. Take a deep breath, smile and try not to turn red when your dad ask the same five intimidating questions he always ask anyone you bring home.

What Are Your Intentions With My Daughter?

This question should be expected. I mean c'mon, what dad doesn't want to know what a guy plans on doing with his daughter. More than likely if the guy has enough sense, he will answer truthfully and will gain the respect he deserves.

Where Do You Work?

Although, often times this question is completely irrelevant, dad's want to make sure that this potential guy seeing their daughter has some sort of life goals -- he also wants to make sure he knows a specific spot to hunt him down just incase he has to do so.

Are You Sleeping With My Daughter?

Excuse me sir? This question will probably catch you all the way off guard. Whether you are or are not getting close to this mans daughter is honestly none of his business to say the least. You are both grown adults and can make your own wise decisions. Don't even answer this -- he'll get the idea.

Do You Have Any Kids?

Either he is hinting if you've knocked up his daughter or questioning whether you're someone's baby father. Geez, it doesn't get any worst than this. I mean these questions are important, but save them for later on down the line -- not the first time meeting one another.

What Made You Want To Date My Daughter?

Not only does this question put you on the spot in front of your ladies father, but you're put on the spot in front of your lady as well. Talk about double the intimidation. If you don't win points with the dad based off your answer, hopefully you'll win some extra points with your miss.

The best is yet to come, or at least we hope so. If not, expect your man friend to make a dash for it and never return.

My dad actually gets super nervous and really wants to be the cool dad so the main question he asks is "can I get you a beer?!" but, like, way too enthusiastically...
Hahaha this is great :)
ahhhhh! your dad is legit the REAL MVP! I wish my dad was that laid back and chill lol @caricakes
Thanks girl! @allischaaff :)