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Crushes aren't just for little kids and high schoolers. They're real...totally real. Helga's crush on Arnold was epic. And I mean obsessive. Shrine anyone? Anyway, if you've got a crush, then keep reading, because the struggle is real.

So you're walking along one day, and you notice them from afar, so you get embarrassed and hide...but you're still staring because they're like...perfect.

And after you see them, everyone else becomes an annoyance. Like, get out of here Brainy. I WILL NEVER LOVE ANOTHER.

And as your crush grows, you spend every second you can pining over their existence.

And sometimes people catch you and it's embarrassing, but you don't care.

Your pining continues for a little while, but everything stops when you see them dating someone else.

You get over it, but somewhere down the line they find you again...

...and the process starts all over again.

Long live Football Head.
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Hahah it's like that with me, but with various rock stars I'll never meet lol @danidee
@allischaaff I refuse!! I like to keep him in the 'what if' section.
@danidee Hahaha. I guess that's reasonable. But now I want to hear more... ;)
@allischaaff Maybe I'll make a card about it one day.. it's a bizarre story of unrequited romance~
Maybe lol