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Super Junior debuted 10 years ago...10 years...let that sink in for a second.
At that time I was 11 years old and had no idea about the existence of K-pop groups, let alone Super Junior. In fact, I would not learn about Super Junior for another 8 years.
It's crazy to think about how long some of these groups have been around. While I am no hardcore ELF, I definitely have a deep appreciation for Super Junior and their music and I'm so excited for their comeback (which is just 24 hours from now)!
No, really! I am uber excited! If you haven't already heard about it, the 10th Anniversary Special Album, Devil includes 10 songs and features four SuJu subunits. It will also be the first Super Junior MV that will be rated 19+. Let's just hope the fans are prepared, haha.
Here's a trailer for the album.
"Without stopping, Super Junior kept running for 10 years and they will never stop."
In anticipation of the comeback album (and MV) and in celebration of 10 years of SuJu, let's talk about Super Junior!
How excited are you? What are your favorite songs? Your favorite members? Best Super Junior moments? Was it when they put up those insane stages filled with bromance? Or was it when Heechul finally got a haircut? Tell me why you love SuJu! ^_^

@KpopGaby @netchiBates I feel like its honestly hard to be an ELF with so many changes and then waiting for people in military and waiting for comebacks and mysterious members that disappear etc
@IRecreateLife you're so lucky! I wish they were coming to the NY kcon :(
I'm excited to see them at kcon 😆
@netchiBates But the thing is that when they are with me, they fangirl/fanboy with me but when they aren't with me it's like they don't know what K-Pop is
@netchtiBates yeah especially for the old groups, its literally a decade of inside jokes and moments to get into!!!
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