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You don't have to love The Black Keys. I don't.
You don't really even have to like them, but you'd probably be wrong about that. They're really good, and that should be acknowledged, even if you aren't a huge fan.
And perhaps the one undeniable fact about The Black Keys is that Dan Auerbach is an ultra-talented musician.
Auerbach released a really, really good solo album in 2009 called Keep it Hid. It's more bluesy and more personal than any of the music that The Black Keys make, and a lot less commercially appealing. A lot of it is just plain sad. "Trouble Weighs a Ton," above, is an example.
Early this year, the second half of The Black Keys, drummer Patrick Carney, suffered an arm injury that forced the band to cancel their tour.
So what do you do when you're the healthy half of a very active, very popular, very good rock band?

You make more music, dummy.

Dan Auerbach doesn't need telling. He's made an album under the name The Arcs, and it's coming out in September. The single, "Stay in my Corner," is above. Reports suggest that the album will have lots of collaborations, which is exciting.
This sounds pretty much like textbook Black Keys, so that's good.
Get well soon, Mr. Carney, but, in the meantime, Auerbach's got the Black Keys sound covered, no problem.
he is amazing! love it!!
@monikamarie30 me too! don't you think it sounds just like the black keys?