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When we say we travel we don't mean we board open bar cruse ships that drop us off at all exclusive resorts. We don't feast on crab legs and pasta bars as native children stand on the other side of the fence, watching with grumbling stomachs. We want to travel to unknown lands to befriend people who are different then us. We want to stumble across a local farmers market and taste street food and understand the stories of the people on the street.
We want to throw ourselves into the unknown and turn from a foreigner to a friend, an ally, a visitor in a country that is so different from our own.
We want to taste the country, feel it beneath our feet, hear the cacophony slice through our brain. Ride the tube, walk the Great Wall, listen to insults in French, remember in Poland.
We want to look at a map and feel the imprint of the country weighing heavy on our chest. Remember not the relaxing days, but the early mornings, transport confusion, and wonderful people who helped us become one of them, if only for a little while.
Because we travel to experience life outside of ourselves. We travel because we get to turn into someone else. We travel because we want to be free.
love it
@TessStevens @lamrotamrot make that dream a reality!! It's all about saving money!! I know a girl who travels to amazing places every 3 months just by savingggggg!
I've never had the means either @Iamrotamrot but it's cool to dream right? Hahaha
@Sungcandoit thanks so much!! Are you a fellow traveler !
@lamrotamrot I've been lucky enough to be able to travel quite a bit so far! I use to go to Ireland every few years with my irish dance school, I volunteered in Costa Rica, and when I graduated last year I went on a back pack trip through Europe !! I did 10 cities in 5 weeks it was AMAZING
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