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Who knew?
In a pretty solid campaign move, Donald Trump responded to his TV critics with a short and sweet Instagram video to assure them that he's not going anywhere, no matter what they say.
Over the past few weeks, nightly news hosts have been consistently criticizing Trump and his presidential campaign. Trump decided to fire back at them with a little joke, using their own quotes against them to advertise his recent (and surprising) rise in the polls.
Watch the video here.
Don't get me wrong, I'm no fan of Donald Trump and I want nothing less than a Trump presidency, but this is a decent campaign move. He trolls the critics the way they troll him on a daily basis, and for that (and that alone), I respect him.
I, for one, think every presidential campaign could use a little more comedy.
What I appreciate is how honest he is -- which (I hope) will lead to his demise in the political/social/entertainment arena.
Yeah @alywoah I'm not a huge fan of either of them to be totally honest, but I can appreciate this little joke! But will I ever support their politics....probably not.
He's just as funny as FOXNews.
@alywoah agreed, I personally don't think he stands a chance in the presidential campaign, but you never know with American politics, do you?