It sounds super difficult, I know. But it's fairly easy. Here are some things to take into consideration.
Don't pressure them to listening. Approach them in a kind manner and maybe show them one of your favorite mvs. The typical facial expression will be "what am I watching..?". Do not be discouraged!
Observe the everyday music they listen to. Finding a song that has a similar style to what they listen to will catch their attention.
If you keep being kind and try to let them get comfortable instead of forcing it, they may warm up to it. You'd be surprised how far showing them similar styled songs will get you.
Thus ends my little steps to getting a friend or family member into kpop. It may not work for everyone but it worked for me. I've seen some people asking about how to do it so I thought I'd share what I had done with my sister. Good luck! Fighting~
All it took was one k drama for me to obsess over Koreans...
even my mom told me to stop watching my dramas because then she was going to also get hooked which means nothing was ever going to get done around the house. I call that success, people.
Lol my mom watch boy over flowers with me and then couldn't handle the stress
This definitely did not work for me at aalllllll lmfao!! But that's okay. xD
it did work for you because LOOK AT ME (ō-ō)