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Sometimes the most magical things in life are masked as the most mundane.
Light passes through the windows surrounded by metal, and for a few seconds you see the lives of other commuters passing by. You wonder where they're going, what they're like...who they are.
You wonder if they're different from you, or if in another life, you'd be friends.
People play on their phones, read books, look out at the darkness...a comforting site to those who hate their jobs, or are so tired they can barely grasp the pole above them.
When the car goes underwater you can feel the pressure change, the difference in humidity. You almost wish the walls weren't made out of concrete. Spinning through the East River, you can almost imagine the fishes and the boaters floating by. It's remarkable what can go unnoticed.
When the car goes above ground, like on the Manhattan bridge for instance, the sights are unparalleled. You cross the river parallel to the Brooklyn Bridge and for once in your life, you're even with giants. Some sky-scrapers don't seem as big when you're looking at them from mid-way up. It's almost like magic.
The thing that is amazing though, is that as these giants fly by, and we get a glimpse of the river, people never look up from their phones, or they're asleep. The brilliant views of towering buildings, live water and even other cars and trains passing by, take a back seat to whatever's scrolling around on your iPhone.
Every day I try and get a better view of the city flying by. Maybe it's because I'm new here, but it just feels important. It feels important to look out at that skyline. It makes me feel better. More at peace.
As life moves around us, it's hard to appreciate every little thing. In my experience, the journey was never as important as the destination. Now that I have reached one of my goals, it has finally occurred to me that I need to start taking things in.
Days are getting quicker, and in the AfterLife it's common place to start giving into routine. Blindly following the clock and looking around for answers in skyscrapers and shop windows can start to eat away at you. It doesn't matter where you are, or where you've're here now.
The only peace I feel lately is from that skyline. Looking up at it, imagining all of the people creeping through their lives, making it work.
The N train speeds across Manhattan, but it gives me time to slow down.
@greggr the cycle of shambles haha
You'll fall into one routine, then out and into another before finding chaos before finding a new routine. It's all part of life!
always enjoy the journey...been saying that since you were guess you just needed to ride a train..