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Still no Points

Well I still have 0 well. I still like Vingle so I'll use it but I give up on the Big Bang tickets. I usually don't win stuff like this anyway...*sigh* (this is how I feel right now lol)
@ErinGregory @lamrotamrot Agreed! I have about 4 friends I can talk to about Kpop and the rest of my friends are just like "STOP" so I coming here is like therapy hahah If I keep all my feels inside I'd EXPLODE. (so I explode here...)
Who needs a hug?? @kpopandkimchi <(‾︶‾)> Come to Mama
Lol We welcome you with open arms! I joined bc fb told me I could learn Korean with flashcards lmao ahahahahah but I stayed bc I met some great people who I can spazz out with and it's totally the norm around here (:
@kpopandkimchi, ahahahahaha right!! I send my friends videos aaalllll the time and they're always like, oh.. yeah.. I'll totally listen to that later.. lmfao I know that is a LIE! Hahahahaha
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