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There are going to be “very real consequences” to Iran if they trip up on the deal, says Obama. He’s using those parenting skills into place with Iran by making sure the world knows that we mean business.
In a group of six national leaders, stretching over 20 months of meeting and discussing and working out a deal, the U.S. finally made a plan with Iran. The Iran Nuclear Plan outlines exactly what Iran can and cannot do with nuclear productions...exactly how much uranium or plutonium they produce (zero)...and for how long. And it’s pretty real.
Obama stated that this deal is “built on verification” to make sure nothing goes wrong.
And here’s how they are making sure of it:
Iran now goes through a series of atomic inspections and will also staff several atomic inspectors who gain access not only to scientists, labs and factories, but also to many underground sites and military bases.
And Iran seems pretty okay with dealing with it alright. Even after our long animosity with the country, it seems they want to make a pact.
"I really do not care if this is a victory for us or not,” President of Iran, Hassan Rouhani said in a statement. “I want relations with the West. If we compromised, so be it.”
And so we will continue with relations, but they are going to be really real.
@nicolejb I dont' think i could really do it justice trying to explain why I feel that kind of disillusionment. I do agree it's a serious issue and there are MANY people in the gov't who feel that way....but for everyone one of those people there are also those who focus on the long term strategy for themselves (aka, get good connections and money) and that can lead to more harm than good when it comes to these talks and the actions that follow them.
@nicolejb Again I'm just disillusioned with it all but I feel like it all runs too deep to really be fixed by protocol that can be ignored, but I'm hoping for the best.
That’s a good point, @drwhat. People do tend to be selfish in those instances and only think about short-term gains. Perhaps there will be more systems to watch and keep up protocol, since the stakes are so high with this one.
What makes you think that @drwhat? I think nuclear war is a serious issue, and I can’t see Americans just taking it lightly for some side money.
Chances those inspectors will be bribed? High. Chances the US will be the ones doing the bribing? Higher. Just sayin