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Flirt (v.) - behave as though attracted to or trying to attract someone, but for amusement rather than with serious intentions.

Whether you're new to it or true to it, flirting is a technique that can get you pretty far if you know what you're doing. There's a right way and a wrong way to flirt, but the easiest and less embarrassing way is through text messages. Texting a person gives you just enough space to be yourself without feeling scared or overwhelmed.
We live in a society where technology literally rules the world. The easiest way to show someone you're feeling them these days is by sending a text message within a matter of seconds -- you create a barrier that allows you to speak your mind without second guessing too much. Letting a person know how you feel via text cuts down the amount of time it would take for you to muster up the courage to tell them in person.
Although verbal communication is always better, texting gives you leeway and makes you feel like you have nothing to lose. If you want to try your hand at flirting with that guy you're into, but too scared to approach -- pick up your phone and follow these simple steps.

Flirting Step #1: Pick up your phone

Well duh, what else did you expect to do? Relax -- it's not as bad as it seems. Don't worry you'll get a reply back.

Flirting Step #2: Open message thread and scroll down to your crush's name

You did it! Now doesn't that feel good? You can either start out with something subtle or you can be a little bold. Most people would usually go for 'Hey You' (add a couple y's)-- it's not too much, but it's just enough. If you're feeling bold, add an emoji (preferably my favorite -- the smirk).

Flirting Step #3: Patiently wait for a reply

No need to stare at your phone, they will reply in due time. Pat yourself on the back, you made the first move. If they reply, you have to take things up a notch.

Flirting Step #4: They reply back to you with a wink emoji

Oh snap! You got a wink. That's definitely a good sign. You can either wink back or show them that you've got a little game in you -- go ahead and send that kissy emoji. Don't be scared.

Flirting Step #5: Repeat

You seem like you're already a super pro at flirting via text. Keep it going and see if you can score yourself a phone call or even a date.

What are your favorite flirting techniques via text and emojis?

@AmaanRana lol sounds like someone has a bit of game, haha! I don't blame you.
well i did it sometimes but mosty i prefer to do it late night and i start wd what color is she wearing den asking her a selfie n then it starts and lead to a beautiful n relaxing sleep... @jordanhamilton
It鈥檚 genius right?! haha you get so many cuteness factors for that one ;) @jordanhamilton
I usually get super awkward and that鈥檚 my way of flirting. My best advice? Text them this gem :
OMG I'm kidding lolllll
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