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How to deal with haters, TOP style
Don't ever get on his bad side. You'll face the consequences on Instagram!
For those of you that keep up with TOP news, you know there have been several incidents of TOP shutting down crazy fans and haters on Instagram with his sassy responses. While most idols don't address the haters in fear of the repercussions, TOP is just too...
Back in April, a fan left a comment on one of the posts of TOP's newly opened Instagram account.
“Oppa, you don’t know how to tag, do you ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ.”
TOP responded to the fan with a killer comeback.
“Why do I have to add a hashtag? I don’t like things like that. It’s my choice. This is my Insta[gram].”
That's TOP for you! Aren't you glad he stands his ground when it comes to personal matters?It's a shame when idols are insulted by "fans" and haters for personal matters and they don't do anything to address it.
TOP tends to post multiple photos on his Instagram each day and it seems like some fans were not cool with that.
"Oppa, I like you but please stop posting, I can’t see other people’s Insta posts. I love you but please stop posting."
Again, TOP slays with his reponse.
"Then please unfollow~ This is my space."
Honestly, if one of your favorite idols was on Instagram, would you be happy to see more of their life in photos or complain about how your feed is full of them? You did make the conscious choice to follow them.
When arguments continued over his Instagram account in June, TOP even left a reminder to fans.
“You guys, don’t fight on my Insta ^^”
But that did not stop this particular hater from leaving this photo on Instagram. TOP then reuploaded the photo to his own Instagram with a smiley face in the description.
Sometimes, you don't need words to convey your ignorance to the haters.
This is how you deal with the anti-fans and haters. They will only keep pushing you if you let them do so.
I, for one, think TOP is awesome for maintaining his stance with fans. What about you?
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@VixenViVi Aww, maybe I can type in Korean lol
2 years ago·Reply
Oh my god he's amazing. I need to learn korean. Not to insult him, but you know, perchance he answers.
2 years ago·Reply
I dislike Kiko because it seems as if she only has GD around when she needs to sponsor her clothes. To me she's just using GD and that's just wrong. (Just my opinion though) ^^ @poojas
2 years ago·Reply
@poojas Do it XD you can find some one to translate haha
2 years ago·Reply
@kimikodragon Hahaha, I hope he responds to you :) @DannyNeders Ahhh, I see. Interesting lol. @VixenViVi LOL that's true1
2 years ago·Reply