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My friend from back home said that there is no such thing as vegan Latin American food -- boy is he wrong! Although the Latin American cuisine does often include meat, we do have a lot of our staples and dishes that goes without it.
Just in case anyone forget, here are some really awesome vegan eats I wrote about:

Vegan Sancocho

For a warm and soothing recipe, check out the recipe here: Vegan Sancocho

Habichuelas Guisadas

This dish is guaranteed to leave you feeling satisfied and full: Habichuelas Guisadas

Vegan Ceviche

This is a fresh and vibrant recipe. You'll feel like you can actually taste the colors: Vegan Ceviche

Vegan Guacamole Tacos

Easy and fast to make, you'll get everything you need from these tacos. Recipe is here: Vegan Guacamole Tacos

So yes, there is such a thing as vegan Latin American Food. ;)

And there are more recipes to come!

Omg, pissed off Abu. The original vegan monkey.
@alywoah, I will!
Thanks, this really helped. I appreciate it. :)
Ahhh, are you going to make me choose?! @rodizketan This is hard....okay, so maybe I am kind of boring, but I really love habichuelas guisadas. It's just so filling and tasty. I would also say that vegan sancocho comes close to first. I think it's because I'd prefer my meals warm. I am not big on cold/raw vegetables/food.
I'm definitely gonna try it :):):)
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