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So I am African-American so typically the men of my race do not have long hair so I find it hard to be attracted to a guy my own race. When I fell in love with Kpop and Kdramas I fell in love with the guys with long or longish hair. I love the ponytails and bangs because it looks so smooth and soft and I imagine myself running my fingers through it. This is my eternal love for asian men with long hair lol. My mother isn't too fond of it....
I think it's great! love is love! I come from a mixed background and see nothing wrong with u be attracted to people outside your race
I've always loved guys with longer hair! I love the way it looks and I completely agree about running your fingers through it!! 😍💕 I bet it's an amazing feeling to go up to the person you love and run your fingers through their hair 😄💞
oh my god!! when guys wear their hair like that... 😍😍😍😍 😘😘😘😻😻😻😻
same here I definitely understand
I'm the same haha my bias always tends to be the one with the longer or fluffier hair.
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