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Chief Keef has had enough of the senseless violence in Chicago. This past weekend, Keef’s cousin Capo was killed in a drive-by shooting. The shooter struck a child in a toddler with his car while attempting his getaway.
This weekend a spokesperson for for Keef told The Chicago Tribune that he’s “just so heartbroken and appalled" by the deaths of his friend and the child. The rising emcee is deeply moved by the situation and has decided to take action. The Glo Gang leader will perform a concert in Chicago via hologram from a stage in Beverly Hills, Calif.
Keef is utilizing hologram technology as a result of outstanding warrants his legal team is currently working to resolve. He also announced his Stop the Violence Now Foundation, which will aim to reduce neighborhood crime.
Details at the moment share that the concert will be free, but fans in attendance are encouraged to donate funds to help benefit the family of Dillan Harris. The concert is scheduled to take place on July 17th.
Over the past couple months we have seen the hip-hop community use hologram technology for silly reasons. It’s good to finally see someone put holograms to good use. I love the idea of the foundation as it is something kids in the Chicago area need. It seems like his new label is focused on rebuilding his image in a more positive light.