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Just in case you were wondering (or cared), here is what the perfect selfies you take actually look like outside of that small screen on the camera. And it is amazing.
I must admit, some of you guys go allllll out for the perfect angle.
The classic. It isn't that bad, but you do get general laughs and eye rolls. Do you my friend, you got no judgement here.
Dude, come on, I getting bragging to your friends about food but you're eating McDonalds. Hit me with that selfie when those are smothered in truffle butter and parm cheese thank you.
Really can not imagine what this picture is suppose to reference. Does this count as sexual harassment in the work place?
Kind of hard to enjoy your your birthday and grandma singing to you when you're to busy trying to pull off sexy "blow out the candles" face
Like come on. I can't imagine this angle looking like anything but a re-birth.
If you buy those "selfie shoes" you are the worst human being on the planet and I hate you. Just look at who you would become...
This one is honestly just funny AF. Don't selfie in school kids.
All in all, I appreciate the effort and the results of a perfectly taken selfie. I would just save yourself a little embarrassment and take most of your selfies in your room...with the door closed...and locked.
And for your enjoyment, a Dad catching is daughter going hard with the selfies.
@AmaanRana yesss! Just like that!
@TerrecaRiley he might loves u like angels dat can't be seen n ur the only one special person in the universe who can feel his love or the 1 one where all his love belongs...
@AmaanRana My husband just hate taking pictures. Even mine. I don't know what's wrong with him... worst he's only on his early 20's
seriously...! I always thought m da only giy in earth who doesn't like this selfie thing n m glad i dont like it now...馃槅
The girl in the video, tho. She's going at itttt.
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