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'This ain't no love thang, we just kickin' it' - Darius Lovehall

If you're familiar with one of the best romance flicks of the 90's Love Jones than you're probably more than likely familiar with the phrase 'just kickin' it'. Being one of my all time favorite movies for several reasons, I didn't quite understand the meaning of what 'just kickin' it' entailed until I got a little older and wiser.
When it comes to liking someone without crossing over into the relationship stage -- that's what you call just kickin' it. It's a step above being just friends, but a step below being together with a title. There's an art that comes with being able to just kick it with someone you're interested in, not everyone is built for this lifestyle, but if you feel like you have what it takes to be in a situationship -- by all means do your thing.
Mastering the art of kickin' it definitely always has to be mutual. You don't want to have one person with one mentality and the other thinking that they're on the brink of a new budding relationship. Although when two people decide they are kickin' it they usually don't have any plans of furthering their situation, sometimes feelings grow and what wasn't meant to happen ends up happening. It's all about going with the flow and enjoying the ride.
Some would compare just kickin' it to a person wasting their time, but that's where you're wrong. The only reason a person would be wasting their time in this type of situation is if both parties do not agree on their decision.
In most cases, both parties are interested in one another, but they prefer to not have a title because some people feel like titles are meaningless. If you're interested in hearing more about titles, click here.
It can be hard to sometimes balance your feelings when they tend to get involved and sometimes they will -- others times not so much. Enjoy the moment and if it becomes all too much, know when it's time to dismiss yourself from the situationship you're involved in. It's not quite a relationship, but it's on the cusp.
Kickin' it ain't for everybody, so brace yourself. The ride is only as smooth as you make it. Are you prepared?