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I hate this Tao was and still is my bias no matter what as a true fan i will stay by his side... and all these rude and some rather racist mean comments are so uncalled for, you are not an idol hunny you are a FAN you dont REALLY know what they go thru. How they REALLY feel. I know people are mad because Tao said some things about Kris and Luhan oppa but that was back when he thought everything in the group was fine up until they left.... but when they both left i guess the pressure was all too much on the remaining group members and Tao didnt want to be pressured doing something he loved.... so why not go solo and break the chains? SM already was questioned on abusing different groups (exo being on the list) a couple years ago (2010 or 2012).... but who REALLY knows??? P.s. This really makes me wanna cry cause Kris and Tao was my only exo biases and now they are both gone, so what the point of exo anymore? Angry P.s. AND MOST OF THEM SO CALLED FANS WAS ALWAYS ON TAO DICK WHEN HE WAS IN EXO BUT NOW HE SOLO HE UGLY? BISH WHERE????? 1. [+3652] If ugliness can generate electricity, then the world is being lit up by Zitao. 2. [+3416] I’m so relieved to see everyone hating on this in the comments. 3. [+3362] Looks, acting skills, vocal abilities, rapping talent, and character, can you tell me what is actually good about him? 4. [+3302] He’s ugly, and now he’s singing? Go home and eat poop. 5. [+2910] I’ve been alive for 20+ years and this is the first time I’ve seen a male celebrity that is so low [class] and shameless. 6. [+2821] Really ugly. 7. [+2769] What kind of songs can he actually sing? 8. [+2764] So the songs on the new album will be called “Betrayal,” “Slapped in the Face,” “I Love Korea,” “I’m Ugly and Have a Hot Temper,” etc? 9. [+2544] So extremely ugly. 10. [+2441] Feel so low [class] all of a sudden. Source: Weibo http://www.koreaboo.com/news/chinese-netizens-attack-tao-upon-announcement-solo-mini-album-release/
@jazzypie truthfully I want to blame sm for that but as @kpopandkimchi says I don't know the full story and I don't want to blame anyone in the end hopefully the truth will me out but until then I support my boys and believe in them
I'm just so frustrated because we will never EVER know what really went on with this whole thing (with Luhan, Kris, Tao, etc) but these netizens act like they know everything. Even if you have insider knowledge, there is no way that you understand everything that is going on in that poor boy's head. I really wish we could all just take a step back and let them live their lives. They aren't living for us, they need to live FOR THEMSELVES.
i really dont understand it obviously isn't easy to leave a group of friends that are as close as family and that you've spent years with but Tao made a choice so that he could pursue his dreams better than he was getting and I support him I'm sad that he did leave but he's still part of exo family
@tayunnie your right... but now the members for exo deleted him from instagram and twitter... so Tao deleted them all, and they took him off active member on Facebook